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Trinkets by Amanda Booth

Macrame Custom Intention Necklace

Macrame Custom Intention Necklace

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Completely customize your own Intention Necklace for a 100% unique and personalized way to manifest your desires.

Herbs and crystal chips are carefully places and encapsulated in UV Resin and then delicately macrame wrapped with waxed cotton thread. 

Please put your preferences in the order notes/instructions so it can be completely customized just for you! (See below for what preferences are needed)

1. Style - Heavy Weave (brown example). Lace & Twist Weave (cream example)

2. Intention - ex. Self love, healing, abundance and prosperity, calming and tranquility, lunar, solar, zodiac sign themed, etc etc you can get as creative or descriptive as you like and I will choose the right herbs and crystals for your piece (or if you have specific herbs and crystals you’d like you can specify exact ones as well)

3. Thread Colour (any shade in the rainbow from natural tones, pastels or bright colours)

4. Necklace length - specific length in inches or you can choose adjustable (if not specified will automatically make 18 inches)

5. Pendant Shape - Round, Oval, Heart, Teardrop, Square/Diamond (bale will be at a corner) all are roughly 1-1 1/2 inches


*please see FAQ for timelines and policies that are agreed to when you order*

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