Custom Memorial Gallery

Custom creations hand sculpted from polymers clay incorporating cremated remains.  These can also be made with pet ashes, fur, hair, etc.

Please contact us using the form below or through our contact page to start the consultation process.
Once we have a design concept a custom invoice will be sent to your e-mail address and shipping instructions will be given.




Starting at $60 CAD for 1 piece of your choice

Includes consult, memory jar, and *IF* (there usually is but it truly depends on the project) there is left over clay with your material incorporated free additional pieces will be included in your package as well.


$40 CAD per additional piece that you add onto your package.


These include necklaces/pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings, rearview mirror decorations, keychains etc


$10+ CAD - to add wire wrapping to your piece. (Add on price will vary depending on complexity)

$20 Tree of Life

$20 Goddess Wrap

$20 Peas in a Pod

$20 New designs

$20 Complex Ring Wire Design

$40 for heavy weaved designs


$10 CAD - to add simple sculpted imagery to your piece. (Rose, cross, paw, heart etc)


$30 CAD - to add complex sculpted imagery to your piece. (Animals, scenery, etc)


$10 CAD - to add a layered UV resin orb or window to your piece.


$10 CAD - to have your piece engraved.


*crystals, stones and herbs may be added to your piece at $5 CAD/piece*


$30 for each 18” chain or wire upgrade from tarnish resistant, hypoallergenic aluminum to 925 sterling silver.

$15 to upgrade earrings to 925 sterling silver

*some wire wrapping that use more wire than average will incur an additional fee*


Sculptures/Showpieces will be priced as follows:

2-3 inches $90 CAD

4-5 inches $120 CAD

6+ inches $150+ CAD


Pet sculptures/high detail realistic sculptures:

2-3 inches $120 CAD

4-5 inches $180 CAD

6+ inches $240+ CAD

*depending on level of detailing and difficulty prices may be adjusted*


*if a base is required it will be an additional $30 CAD*


Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

2-3 inch - $270 CAD

4-5 inch - $390 CAD

*to add pets or extra items other than the couple and base it will be an additional $30 CAD *

*a second infusion of ashes, milk or any materials counts as a separate package. If incorporated into the same piece will have an additional $10 processing fee.*

*Free world wide shipping on orders over $100*

RUSH ORDERS - if you need your items by a specific date you can rush your order for 50% of the order value (this is because I will be doing these during my personal time to not interfere or bump others)

FILMED ORDERS - if you want your order to be filmed guaranteed and posted it will be a $25 charge. Although I try to film as much as possible I can not do everyone’s or guarantee each one will be done but this way I can make sure it happens.

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