General Custom Pricing

*Prices are listed in Canadian Dollars*
Conversions are available during consults


Materials to Incorporate:

$0 Custom/No Materials

$20 per material (Breastmilk, ashes, hair, umbilical cord, teeth, dirt, sand, shells, placenta capsules, cloth etc)

$75 for Male/Female Jizzy Material


*if you do not see a material listed you are always more than welcome to ask if we can work with whatever you’d like to incorporate*


Free Shipping for any orders over $100 CAD


Prices per piece:

$45/piece (this includes necklaces, bracelets, keychains, rings, earrings, rear view mirror hanger etc)


Wire Wrapping:

Simple: $15/piece

Medium: $30/piece

Complex Weaving: $60/piece


*some designs may be more in price depending on complexity and amount of wire needed*


Windows or Orbs:






Adding gems, herbs, crystals etc:



Sculpted Imagery on pieces:

Simple shape sculpting: $10/piece

Complex imagery Sculpting: $30/piece


Braided Necklace (as chain or with beads):



Sterling Silver Upgrade:

$45/piece *with the exception of earrings at $20/set*


14K Gold Filled Upgrade:

$90/piece *with the exception of earrings at $40/set*



Heart Necklace incorporating Breastmilk and Hair with simple wire wrapping.

$20 - Breastmilk

$20 - Hair

$45 - Piece

$25 - Window for Hair

$15 - Simple Wire Wrapping

Total - $135 CAD with Free Shipping



No material heart necklace with Tree of Life Wire Wrapping.

$45 - Piece

$30 - Tree of Life Wire Wrapping

Total - $75 CAD plus shipping



Small Breastmilk heart necklace with birthstones for kids

$20 - Breastmilk

$45 - Piece

$5 - Birthstones

Total - $70 CAD plus shipping




+ $10 for engraving

+ $25 for window

+ $20 for materials


Window/Wall Hanging:

Priced by how many pieces you want incorporated

Sculptures (not including materials incorporated costs)


Simple Sculptures:

2-3 inches $90 - with a base + $45

4-5 inches $120 - with a base + $60

6+ inches $150+ - with a base + $75


Complex and Detailed Sculptures:

2-3 inches $180 - with a base +$45

4-5 inches $240 - with a base +$60

6+ inches $300 - with a base +$75


*some sculptures or positions NEED a base for structure which will be advised during your consultation*


$30 per added sculpted component

$25 per orb



Bass Sculpture 6+ inches

$300 - detailed sculpture

$75 - base

$30 - Water Lily

$30 - Water Splashing

$75 - 3 x $25 Orbs

Total - $510 CAD with free shipping



2-3 inch Pineapple incorporating Breastmilk

$20 - Breastmilk

$90 - Sculpture

Total - $110 CAD with free shipping



4-5 inch Dog Sculpture incorporating ashes

$20 - Ashes

$240 - Sculpture

Total - $260 CAD with free shipping




I will ONLY be accepting 5-6 rush orders each month (depending on complexity)

Rush fees are 50% of the total order cost


*Any embellishment or added details that I choose to add you will not be charged for and I will continue to make extra pieces with any left over clay that has sentimental materials incorporated for free gifts when I can - which is more often than not (free gifts are of my choosing - if you would like something specific then you will need to add it to your order)*


Payments are due upfront and solidify your place in line. (Wait times are not based on when materials are received so if it takes you a little longer to send materials needed that’s okay!)

Cancellations and Refunds are only accepted within 7 days of ordering for a 95% refund if ordered through the website or a 75% refund if ordered through a consultation.

Timelines are estimates only and not guarantees.


When ordering you are accepting and acknowledging that you are ordering from a solo clay artist who is trying her best to ensure she is getting to everyone while putting the love, time and detail imago each piece that they deserve. Depending on demand, health, family, and other circumstances things can happen that affect times and unless clients have paid a rush fee, no specific dates or times are guaranteed.


We strive to maintain open communication with all of our clients. Please continue to use the same method of communication that was used for your consultation (if you contacted us through messenger - please don’t send questions in email. We like to keep all correspondence in the same place for easier access and no confusion)


Because of the demand we are unable to send updates directly to clients but you are more than welcome to contact us. Just please keep in mind that time used for updates does affect overall times as it interrupts the sculpting process during other orders.


We have a zero tolerance policy on harassment, bullying or rude behaviour towards me or my staff. (Name calling, personally insulting, etc)

If this happens we retain the rights to fire clients without refunds.

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