Custom Breastmilk

Custom breastmilk creations hand sculpted from polymers clay.

Whether it is celebrating your breastfeeding journey or paying tribute to the struggle that you endured or to remember an angel baby - we can take your liquid gold and breastmilk and create stunning pieces for you to cherish.

Breastmilk can be fresh or frozen.  We only need 10-20ml (about a half ounce) that we will turn into a powder to be incorporated into translucent clay and sculpted into the pieces of your choosing. You may also opt to include pieces of umbilical cord, snips of hair, or hand/foot prints to your piece as well. 

Custom work is one of my favorite ventures as working with my clients to bring their design and vision to life is so fulfilling.  With pieces so special I love being able to say that anything goes and if it is within my capacity to make your cherished memories and ideas a reality I will do everything in my power to do so.

I can't wait to hear from you and work with you to make your ideas and designs a reality.

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