Custom Jizzy Jewellery

Jizzy Jewelry! Yes! We’ve made it a thing!

Whether you are marking your fertility journey, getting a vasectomy gift, surprising your partner or just want to be that much closer 😉 we can turn your jizz into a real gem!
We love being inclusive over in the Trinkets world so both male and female jizz can be used! (YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN SAMPLES)

We like to keep things personal so to purchase your Jizzy Jewelry Contact Us using the form below for a consult, to get a quote, design your pieces, and get shipping instructions.

Just like all of our personal creations, you can totally cumstamize your pieces exactly the way you want them. Whether you prefer a single droplet, a full Pearl necklace or sculpting something fun with your jizz!
For those of you into rope play may I suggest a little wire wrapping to adorn your pieces as well?

Although collecting your sample can be fun… processing it on our end gets kinda sticky! But don’t you worry! We will make sure we turn your goo into something pretty and new.

Get yours today! Shoot your shot for a consult!


Starting at $110 CAD for 1 piece of your choice
Includes consult, and *IF* (there usually is but it truly depends on the project) there is left over clay with your material incorporated free additional pieces will be included in your package as well.

$60 CAD per additional piece that you add onto your package.

These include necklaces/pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings, rearview mirror decorations, keychains etc
 *same wire wrapping/sculpting charges as above*

*Free world wide shipping on orders over $100*

RUSH ORDERS - if you need your items by a specific date you can rush your order for 50% of the order value (this is because I will be doing these during my personal time to not interfere or bump others)

FILMED ORDERS - if you want your order to be filmed guaranteed and posted it will be a $25 charge. Although I try to film as much as possible I can not do everyone’s or guarantee each one will be done but this way I can make sure it happens.

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