FAQs & Policies

How do I order?

Ordering is easy peasy!

Check out the popular designs that we have on our website! Don't see what you're looking for? Custom work is my specialty! Just fill out a contact form to start a consult!

Do you ship to my country?

We work with clients worldwide so no matter where you are from we can help you!

How much do you charge for shipping?

Shipping is free for orders over $100 CAD
For orders under that amount, shipping is calculated at checkout.

How do I pay?

After consults we make up an invoice with your custom order details that is emailed to you. That invoice takes you directly to my website to check out with your custom order. The website accepts PayPal, credit card, and Apple Pay.

What can be incorporated into the pieces?

We can incorporate almost anything from Breastmilk, cremated remains (ashes), hair, animal fur or hair, dried umbilical cord, dried placenta, grave dirt, dried flowers, strips of cloth, male/female samples etc. If you have something and aren’t sure just shoot us a message to double check!

How will I know my materials have gotten to you?

We will message you as soon as your materials arrive to let you know they are safe and sound.

What do you do with left over materials?

Anything left over we send back with your order. If we have clay left over after incorporating your materials for your pieces free pieces are made as gifts for your order.
Any left over Breastmilk powder or male/female sample powder is kept on hand for 1 year just in case you want any additional pieces made at a later date.

Do I have to have something to incorporate for my pieces?

Absolutely not. We can make something in memory without adding anything OR if you just like the look of a design we can create the piece for you.

How do I get my materials to you?

Shipping instructions will be linked in your order confirmation e-mail.

What kind of pieces do you offer/can you make?

We can make anything from necklaces, bracelets, sculptures, keychains, rear view mirror decorations, rings, magnets, pins etc. If you have an idea for your piece message us and ask and we can usually accommodate.

What are your timelines?

Because of the nature of custom orders and the massive variety of designs it’s extremely hard to calculate precise timelines. Generally (because of our demand) our timelines are as follows*:

  • 8+ weeks for most easier orders.
  • 16+ weeks for sculpted orders.
  • 20+ weeks for sculptures.

*Order timelines are estimated after payment is received.
*Please note that when you purchase you are recognizing that you are commissioning from a solo clay artist who is only one person and is working as hard as she can. Timelines may vary depending on demand and unless rushed are not guaranteed.

Can I message you for updates?

Yes but please be considerate. Your order # and information is in our system so I promise you won’t be forgotten, and although waiting for something you’re excited for can be challenging (believe me I totally understand) we are going as fast and working as hard as we can to get your items out to you.
If we have everyone messaging for updates on a consistent basis then it takes time away from helping other clients and takes time away from sculpting which means it will take us longer to actually get to your order.

We have a zero tolerance policy on harassment, bullying or rude behaviour towards me or my staff. (Name calling, personally insulting, etc)If this happens we retain the rights to fire clients without refunds.

Will you film my order?

I try my best to film as much as I possibly can but filming and editing footage does take me extra time. I can not promise or guarantee that every order or specific orders will be filmed unless you have paid the $25 filming option.

Myself and my staff are human beings working as hard as we can to serve you all and bring amazing art to the world in a healing and fun way. We deserve to be treated with respect at all times and we reserve the right to fire clients without a refund if we are name called, verbally abused, attacked or gaslit. This would only happen in extreme circumstances but this is a boundary we are setting so that we can uphold the joy, love and happiness that go into this business and every single piece.

Do you offer refunds?

We only accept cancellations within the first 7 days of ordering for a 95% refund on website orders and a 75% refund if a consultation was required for a custom piece.

If it is after the 7 days and you no longer want the piece(s) that you've ordered we can do a different piece(a) for the same value or you will have a store credit on file to use in the future. ZERO refunds or cancellations are accepted after 7 days of ordering. If you receive your items and there is an error or you are not completely happy with your order we are more than happy to redo your pieces HOWEVER photos of your custom order are sent to you for approval before we package and ship your items out to prevent this.

Any other questions? Contact us here!