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Trinkets by Amanda Booth

Donate to our Workshop Expansion

Donate to our Workshop Expansion

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This is *eventually* where I would love my business to go. I know that it could potentially take years, maybe even longer - but one small explosion could set this dream ablaze.

I’m putting this out there to manifest that dream so we can get there a little faster without having to raise our prices and keep things affordable for all. 

Each donation over $50 will get a brick with their name featured on the new office wall when it’s built. 
Each donation over $1,000 will get a private invitation for a free stay once we are ready to welcome everyone in. 
Each donation over $10,000 will get a private invitation for a free stay once we are ready to welcome everyone in AND a one on one private clay tutorial/class for the weekend to learn from Amanda Booth.

I would ask you to close your eyes to picture it but obviously you can’t because you need to read 😆 but I hope you can see the vision.

I dream about a plot of wooded land.

I dream about building a gorgeous workshop with large gorgeous windows and plenty of space for not only my team but to host so many creative functions.

I dream about having enough space where we aren’t cramped or working out of my home so that my happy place has a whole place of its own ❤️

I dream about this space being a creative oasis for any and all that want to come and visit. With a community centre built off of the workshop for the biggest beautiful table for family meals and dinners.
With a giant fire pit dug into the ground with so many seats for campfire stories and laughter.

I dream about healing workshops, kids workshops, classes, clay and wine nights, hosting other artists… and the list goes on.

I dream about building tiny homes/cottages on the property so people can come from anywhere in the world to stay for a weekend getaway in a creative wonderland.

I dream about making sure everything is as self sustaining as possible with gardens of vegetables, herbs and plants.

I dream about being a solid staple in the community where we are able to give back in a consistent basis, whether it’s through community functions and gatherings, to feeding them from the gardens and building a support system.

I dream about building my ultimate bubble - but one that is open to everyone to enjoy.

Ultimately I dream of peace, and space, and freedom ❤️

I know we will get there eventually. Whether this explodes and my entire following buys just a little into this dream - or whether it’s brick by brick I slowly get there over the years.
Either way I know it will be amazing. It will be beautiful. And it will be so so worth it!

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