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Trinkets by Amanda Booth

Calming & Tranquility - for Stress, Anxiety and Depression Ring (small)

Calming & Tranquility - for Stress, Anxiety and Depression Ring (small)

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Hand sculpted from polymers clay and wrapped in silver wire.

Calming and Tranquility Collection for stress, anxiety and depression.
Salt for healing negative energies and cleansing.
Rosemary to give you strength throughout your day and protection.
Lavender to boost your mood and promote calm and peace (also helps with sleep and dreams)
Marjoram to bring you happiness, love, and protection.
Sprinkled with pink salts for some extra cleansing, peace and calming.

Stones imbedded are moonstone for inner strength and growth while dispelling fears, stress and helping to stabilize emotion.
Amethyst for dispelling negative energy while attracting positive and calming vibes.
And lastly rose quarts for self love and to honour respect, trust and worth within yourself 💗

Also made on a soft blue back and silver wiring as blue is a highly peaceful color and blue can be especially helpful for stress management because it can encourage a powerful sense of calm.

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